Descriptions of presentations are available upon request here. Programs may be adapted or developed to meet your organization’s specific needs.


Parent / School / Student Interactions

  • Raising Children of Character: Partnership between parents and schools
  • School Culture: The contributions of parents, students and faculty
  • Faculty Training: Having Difficult Conversations with Parents

Child & Adolescent Development

  • “I Can Do It Myself”: Encouraging healthy independence in your child
  • The Friendship Puzzle: Peer relationships from Preschool to Grade 4
  • Friendship and Social Cruelty in Grades 4-8
  • Alternatives To Sex, Drugs Rock & Roll: For adolescents and their parents
  • Conversations you always wanted to have with your middle school child


  • Strength Training For Parents:  How positive psychology can make your family strong
  • They Only Get to Grow Up Once:  Preventing your child’s future drug and alcohol use
  • “Who’s On First?”:  Sibling rivalry and birth order
  • What Should You Do if Your Child is Popular? What Should You Do if they’re Not?
  • Rounding The Edges of Family Conflict:  Fighting fair and loving fully