Co-founders: Alison Birnbaum | Judy Cacciola
P.O.Box 536 Chester, NJ 07930
t. 908.879.4187  c. 908.635.3978


Our focus is behavior change.

We are a marketing research consultancy that combines the discipline of psychological analysis with rigorous strategic thinking.    

  • Consumer behavior is like a flowing river. We never try to change the current, but instead work to harness the power of the flow on behalf of your brand.
  • Our research uncovers the boulders and the sink-holes that are preventing movement, and provides a customized map for navigation. 

Neuroscience shows that decision-making happens below the level of consciousness.  Our research goes deep into the experiences and emotions that emanate from the limbic areas of the brain. Our analysis identifies only the specific motivators and levers that have the power to enable new behavior.